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Modules Overview¤

Zodiax is a lightweight extension of Equinox and so only has a few modules and methods. Lets check them out!


The Base class is the foundational object of Zodiax and is what allows for a path-based pytree interface. Classes that inherit from Base will gain methods that allow for operations and functions to be applied to leaves specified by their paths. Here is a summary of the methods:

Getter Methods

value = pytree.get(paths)

Setter Methods

pytree = pytree.set(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.set_and_call(paths, values, call_fn)

Arithmetic Methods

pytree = pytree.add(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.multiply(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.divide(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.power(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.min(paths, values)
pytree = pytree.max(paths, values)

Functional Methods

pytree = pytree.apply(paths, fns)
pytree = pytree.apply_args(paths, fns, args)
pytree = pytree.apply_and_call(paths, fns, call_fn)


Zodiax designed to be a 'drop in' replacement for Equinox, this means that all Equinox functions are available through Zodiax! Functions in the main Equinox namespace are raised into the Zodiax namespace, meaning these two line will import the same function:

from equinox import filter_jit
from zodiax import filter_jit

Some Equinox functions are overwritten in order to give a path based interface. Currently there are two functions that are overwritten, filter_grad and filter_value_and_grad. This means that the following two lines will import different functions:

from equinox import filter_grad
from zodiax import filter_grad

Submodules in Equinox are also raised into the Zodiax namespace through the zodiax.equinox submodule. This is how you would import the nn submodule from either Equinox or Zodiax:

from equinox import nn
from zodiax.equinox import nn


The zodiax.optimisation module contains only a single function, get_optmiser. It is a simple interface designed to apply Optax optimisers to individual leaves!


The Tree module provides a module for helpful pytree manipulation functions. It only implements a single function, get_args(paths). It returns a matching pytree with boolean leaves, where the leaves specified by paths are True and the rest are False.


Serialisation is currently an experimental Module

This module is currently experimental and may change in future versions.

The Serialisation methods are designed to make it easy to save and load Zodiax models! There are two main functions: serialise() and deserialise().